Eastern Commissioner

County of Pettis

Israel Baeza

Israel Baeza (Republican) is the Eastern District Commissioner for the County of Pettis. Israel was appointed by Governor Michael L. Parson in 2018. A long time resident of Pettis County, Baeza is believed to be the first Hispanic-American Commissioner in the State of Missouri. 

Israel strives to make Pettis County a great place to get an education, work, and raise a family.  From an early age, he learned the importance of hard work and service when his father an architect and his mother a doctor, left their careers to immigrate legally to Pettis County as Baptist Missionaries. 

As Eastern Commissioner Israel also shares the role of liaison with the Presiding Commissioner and Western Commissioner for the following duties in Pettis County: Appointments of Boards & Commissions, Board of Equalization (BOE), Budget Approval, and Department Administrator.  

Baeza’s background includes the County Clerk/Election Authority Office, being trusted to serve as an Election Clerk for the County of Pettis.

His community involvement includes: Chair of the 52nd Legislative District, President of the Mid Missouri Young Republicans, Citizen’s Againts Spouse Abuse advocate, Paul Clover Soccer Association Volunteer and also serves as an Assistant Soccer Coach for Sacred Heart School and State Fair Community College. Israel is an active member of the the First Hispanic Baptist Church of Sedalia, where he serves as a youth and worship team leader.

“As Eastern Commissioner I am commited to making County Government more efficient and transparent to our citizens, collaborate with local governments and taxing entities to ensure the effectiveness of our roads and infrastructure, make equitable funding available for all County offices and Law Enforcement, integrate technology to make information more available for our citizens, and encourage direct communication with constituents. I am available 24/7”. 

“It is a great honor to serve as your Eastern Commissioner. I value your input, please feel free to contact me at baezai@pettiscomo.com to share your thoughts, ask questions, or make suggestions”. 

Israel Baeza
Pettis County Eastern Commissioner
Office: 826-500 ext 406
Cell: 660-620-0213